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Sept 29,2014

The first single It's Coming! from my debut album entitled It's Coming! is available as a free download at:

Also be sure to grab the desktop wallpaper of the album cover art posted in the goodies section.  Stay tuned for more track updates from the album.

March 2, 2013

Did some tweaks to the site and currently working on a few different projects involving music and graphic design.

November 7, 2012

Completed scoring a stage play, a quirky and modern adaptation based on the Jason And The Argonauts. The full soundtrack can be downloaded on Bandcamp at

August 19, 2012

Two of my pieces are now available for download in the Lossless Audio format FLAC, etc. through Bandcamp −

July 15, 2012

Updated my bio and there is a new trailer theme now on YouTube − Hope In Our Darkest Hour.

May 22, 2012

Busy at work on an album consisting of a unique collection of licenseable tracks for film, telivision and video games. Stay tuned.

January 24, 2012

Currently I’m busy at work on an orchestral score for a very fun animated short.  Will spill the details once I can.  Also, check out yet another testimonial from a very satisfied client in the Biography section.

December 19, 2011

Lots of things have been going between going on lately from singing with a manager in LA to writing an album, promoting and currently involved with two interactive projects − one a PC game soon to be released and the other is still ongoing.  Details will be revealed in due time until then Merry Christmas everybody and a Happy New 2012!

September 15, 2011

The new Dark Knight Redemption theme is now exclusively available on iTunes and Amazon MP3.  Be sure to also download the exclusive desktop wallpaper found under the Goodies section of the site.

September 5, 2011

The promo poster for my upcoming track The Dark Knight Redemption is now up, see Goodies section and download and share at the resolution of your choice.

June 17, 2011

Starting August 5th, the Volcano Theatre Company in California brings to the stage Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth, adapted by Susan Manus and directed by Vince Murdock and Beth Barnard with original score by myself. =)   Click here to see poster.

In other news, my new track Caged and Alone is now available for licensing through Production Trax.   Again formats include MP3, AIFF, WAV or lossless FLAC.

May 07, 2011

Two new compositions are now available for licensing through Production Trax.  These are an inspirational theme about reaching greatness while overcoming struggle and two versions of a fun party tune − Clean and Dirty.  Both have been professionally mixed, mastered for the highest quality and ready to be used in your projects on a nonexclusive basis. Tracks can be downloaded in the MP3, AIFF, WAV or lossless FLAC format.

The Longest Journey

Love to Dance

Love to F**kin Dance

March 15, 2011

My composition the Mystical Voyage has been chosen by the Agape Flights Organization for their video that commemorates the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort.  It’s an hounor to have my music part of a video that celebrates such a worthy cause. Check out the video at this link:

Listen to Mystical Voyage in full length under my videos section.

In other news, writing is in full swing on the debut electronic album which promises unique twists and turns.  Stay tuned for updates.

December 29, 2010

Updated the biography page which now includes a timeline of key achievements and testimonials

November 7, 2010

It is now possible to subscribe to my Youtube channel directly from my web-site.  Simply click the subscribe button located on my homepage and at the top of the video pages.  Your support is very important to me so please give it a click. =)

November 5, 2010

Recently, I dontated my composing services to a Plymouth Highschool for their play based on a children’s classic The Phantom Tollbooth penned by Norman Juster, adapted to the stage by Susan Manus and directed by Janet DeJean Newton.  Thank you Janet for letting me embark with you on this wonderful adventure.  To learn more about the play, visit here.  Music excerpts from the play will soon be available for download through the music store, stay tuned!

November 3, 2010

The hits intrumental hits Infected and Mystical Voyage are now also viewable on my web-site.  Thank you for listening and your support.

September 26, 2010

Things have a been a little quiet here lately as I am busy working on projects all while juggling time to get my latest music video for "Infected" complete. In the meantime check out the following two teaser pictures from the set.

Set Pic1
Set Pic2

September 12, 2010

The inspirational and epic theme Mystical Voyage is now available to download through Bandbox.  Also check out its video which is gaining fast momentum on YouTube.

August 22, 2010

Currently producing a new uplifting orchestral theme, stay tuned as it will soon be added to the Epic Themes album and downloadable through the Bandbox player on the home page.  You can now also become a fan on Facebook.

August 1, 2010

Cant Shake That Wacky Feelin is now also added to my Video section.  Also, underneath all the videos I added a description that will give you some insight to the inspiration behind the music.

July 31, 2010

The new video for Cant Shake That Wacky Feelin is now up on YouTube.  Have a listen and remember to rate, post comments and subscribe to my channel.  Subscribers on YouTube receive the official track wallpaper for your desktop.  After you subscribe direct message me and include your email to claim.

Did you notice something strange with the video’s still image? Just for fun see if you can find all the subtle changes.

June 22, 2010

Cosmos music video has now been added to the videos section